Max Qubit - Here Come The Big Strings

This massive synthesizer solo of 2 Korg Polysix synths and 1 Pro 53 will blow you away:)

Max Qubit meets Johann Sebastian Bach meets Jean-Michel Jarre

'absolutely awe-inspiring' (paulpaid)

'Now THIS is music' (Tranceform8tion)

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awesome! - dacasman

What a great piece..! You have a truly fantastic sense of harmony and drama.. Have you got any stuff up on iTunes..? - batmanovitch

beautifull sound and nice played too - synthe01

I've watched a LOT of videos looking for great synth/string sounds, but THIS was absolutely awe-inspiring. The backing chords are so dramatic, sounds like some root-sus4-6 chords? I almost cried from 1:40 to Man, I'm telling you I downloaded this video and just? play it among my favorite tunes..You should name it.."7th straotosphere" or "love's logic"...LOL...peace. - paulpaid

Magnifico maravilhoso!!! JMAS005

just effing awesome! - flickuaround

Great synth sounds, & a powerful melody. Nicely done! - Coastincolt

awesome synth tone - Designedbydeath

gorgeous piece fam. Gorgeous. - njbrilla

Now THIS is music - Tranceform8tion

That high pitched lead sounds really nice - IEatHarlots

the lead is just spectacular. - paulpaid

Great piece - TheodorKruegerMusic

nice, sounds a bit like dos musicXD just with better quality good? work! - CyberWallX

those vst rox.......... big alleluja for ya for that solo... - 0wip

Cool old school analog sound. - NewShimmer

Really nice! congrats! - beetho4x4

fuckin sweet. - bigpotplant

Hey man, how can i get your song i realy like it, ;D - XkeshuX

FARRRRKK SICK SOUND!!!! - innocentrecordz

wow! its make me cry.. i love it !! you´re very good!!! - lucasferrety

That's a very unusual melody: beautiful tune - almost sounds like a powerful, tragic film-score: and the searing Pro-53 lead suits it perfectly! Excellent! - MaxTallon |